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Available Homes

Our team carefully invests in the top 1% or less of homes we see, making each chosen property a unique opportunity for our investors and our guests. Learn more about our homes and offerings below. Invest in the homes you love and build your empire one Mansion at a time.

Available for Investment

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The below homes are potential investment opportunities. These homes are not available for investment and are shown here to gauge interest and to update our customers to the process and potential homes coming soon to the platform. Take a look at your favorites and click to be notified of your favorites.
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homes in the Mansion portfolio that are available for investment or coming soon.

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a little or a lot. And if you’re a local community member, we saved you a spot.

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potential to grow your financial wealth while you sleep.

Unique Investing.

Smarter Money.

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Data shown is for illustrative purposes only.

Profits matter.

Mansion aims to target markets with positive cash-flows, where revenues can surpass total expenses, with the goal of yielding returns for investors.

Revenues can be up to

3x higher

than long-term rentals.

Past performance does not guarantee future returns. Data shown is for illustrative purposes only. See DISCLOSURE 3.

Mansion Comparison Chart Image AirDNA vs. Zillow vs. Mansion
Note: Data based on estimates for 3 mansion managed properties during 2022 compared to actuals. See DATA HERE.

Accessible Investing.

Start Small.
Build an Empire.
From urban townhomes to country cottages, diversify your real estate portfolio through fractional ownership of different properties as Mansion drops homes.

Own. Earn.

With the potential to earn passive income, grow your wealth & financial independence while you sleep.

Property ownership can pay dividends... literally. Artfully curated homes and experiences steeped in luxury, ownership, and desirability — available to anyone, no accreditation required. From cash-flows to home price appreciation to tax benefits; Mansion works to ensure your property investments generate maximum returns over time.

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Data shown is for illustrative purposes only

Join our commitment to our

Local Communities

through human-inspired real estate investing.

Mansion loves to have our local community members become owners of our homes.

We’re dedicated to our mission of increasing access to the pride and freedom of home ownership through beautiful investment homes in strong communities. Mansion exists so anyone can be an owner — no accreditation required, but we believe community members make the best owners and are a key focus of our efforts. We believe owners who care and are connected can also be the strongest advocates and supporters of our brand & business, enabling Mansion to continue to invest including our community involvement programs like Lift Up for Education and Lift Up for Neighborhoods.

Let’s aim to create a better generation of landlords.

Lift Up by Mansion

Lift Up for Education
Lift Up for Neighbors

We’re dedicated to our mission of increasing access to the pride and freedom of home ownership. Mansion exists so anyone can be an owner — no accreditation required. And every 50th home purchased will be dedicated to Lift Up for Education, placing a young family in a strong school district.

Let’s create a better generation of landlords.

from john, our founder
“We’re disrupting Real Estate and resetting expectations around what the future of hospitality looks like.

We demand a world that doesn’t force us to choose between the experience we want and the one money can buy. A world of owners, explorers, and entrepreneurs taking advantage of opportunity. And we believe we can have it all.

We're building for those who can buy a home — and recognize the freedom of choosing not to. For those who want to do well, but also do good for their community.”
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The Mansion Experience

Smart homes with amazing locations, modern workstations, restful beds, hotel-grade cleaning, and 24/7 concierge service. It’s like a luxury hotel experience, but better.

Each Mansion home is designed to offer consistent, tasteful quality experiences through our owned and operated home design label Mansion District.
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The Details

High-Yield Targets

Mansion attempts to target properties that can be cash-flow positive and are located in stable high appreciation rental markets based on available market data and historical trends.

Fully Passive

Mansion acts as a premium, full service property management group, so you are freed from time-consuming tasks and decisions, and Mansion attempts to maximize returns.

Fractional Ownership

Shares are offered in select vacation rentals for as little as $99 minimum per home, this results in a lower barrier to entry & lower cost of diversification where you are in control.

Secured by Real Estate

With Mansion your investment in the Series is backed by the underlying assets in that Series, including potential net rental income, tax benefits, and appreciation if it occurs.


We retain a direct ownership interest in each property. In short, we partner directly with you on the success of the property as a shareholder ourselves.


Each property is held in a separate LLC and covered with property insurance designed to shield you from personal liability of the property.

Depreciation Expense

Real Estate and the accompanying depreciable assets of real properties may provide for tax advantages compared to other traditional corporations or investments.


Mansion works to create tax-advantages wherever possible leveraging benefits of real estate tax rules in the U.S. Each series offering will be unique in it’s tax treatment.

Pride of Ownership

Experience the pride of home buying without the huge overhead. Mansion homes are beautiful, functional, and bring a luxury human element to all of our guests Stays — keeping interest high.

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