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Grow your real estate portfolio

Buy shares of luxury investment homes, earn rental income & participate in appreciation over time — let Mansion take care of the rest.

Book a Stay in a Mansion & Earn Shares
Build wealth while your travel.
Data shown is for illustrative purposes only.
Mansion homes are operated to exacting standards by our World-Class team under what we call the “Mansion Touch”
Nights hosted & growing.
Rated 4.91
From 1,508+ reviews.
High-level designs
Feel at home wherever you go.
Convenient Tech
Manage your stay easily.
Live opportunity

Opportunity for Dividends.
Plus Home Appreciation.

It only takes 3 minutes to become a real estate investor in this home and others like it through the Mansion Invest platform & our SEC-registered RegA offering.
The Baroness
Charlotte, NC
Pineville's newest crown jewel, a 2022-born mansion, whipped up by the luxury geniuses at Mansion District.
Sq. Ft.
Est. First Dividend
Mar. 2024
Offering amount
Est. Annualized Return*
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Invest in rentals that attract an entirely new class of loyal customers.

Transform your travels with Mansion Rewards: More than a loyalty program, it's ownership & ambassadorship. Guests become part owners of the homes they love, turning every stay & engagement into a loyalty-building experience.
Check in a Guest, Check out an Owner

Guests earn shares in Mansion real estate investments through various actions with Mansion and receive the opportunity to earn quarterly dividends on their shares and participate in home price appreciation over time like every investor.
(Any potential dividends are paid quarterly on net proceeds after cash reserve replenishment and all expenses. See Offering Circular for full details.)

Treat it like home

We believe by making our guests true owners, guests treat our homes like their own, meaning less damage, lower cleaning costs, fewer bad actors, and, in the end, better returns for our investors.

Stay more often

More than loyalty, ownership leads our guests to become ambassadors of our brand. Staying more often, but more importantly, sharing our spaces with their inner circles.

A new class of loyalty
Guests of Mansion check-out as owners, earning more shares the more they spend and engage with our brand & assets.
Owners > Guests
Mansion guests earn shares, making them owners in Mansion properties. Owners are better guests and drive revenues up.
Refer Friends
Owners refer friends because they love our homes, and they earn more the more people stay in their homes.

Better investing.
Smarter Money.

Most Mansion Invest listed homes are revenue-generating from day 30 or sooner, and Mansion
focuses on cash flow-positive markets to create passive income for investors.
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Higher revenues from single-family homes.

Mansion works to deliver above-market revenues through innovative marketing, branding, and dynamic revenue management plus the critical step of acquisition & upfit of homes guests will love & pay for.

Past performance does not guarantee future returns. The data shown is for comparative purposes only. Data shown is for 3 Mansion-managed properties during 2022 actuals compared to provider data. See disclosures.
The Baroness
Offering Amount: $799,506
RegA Offering
Minimum Investment
Est. Annual Return*
Purchase Price
Queen’s Rooftop West
Mansion Collection CLT Fund I
CLT Fund I
Original Purchase Price in 2021
Est. Annual Return*
Current AVM Value
Pickle Cove
Coming Soon to Fund III
Fund III
Minimum Invest.
Target IRR for Fund
Purchase Price

Build a diversified real estate portfolio

From urban townhomes to Florida resort homes to country cottages, diversify your real estate portfolio through fractional ownership of luxury properties or fund investments.
(Funds are for Accredited Investors only under RegD requirements)

Earn passive income and build your wealth

Mansion investments provide the opportunity for investors to become owners in real estate assets that have unique potential for quarterly cash dividends plus upside in home price appreciation over time.

(data shown for illustrative purposes only)
Mansion Invest
💸 Your property 123MAIN just received another week long booking!
Mansion Invest
💸 You have earned $144.45 in dividends from 123MAIN. Congrats!

“We envision a world that doesn’t force us to choose between the experience we want and the one money can buy”

We're building for those who can buy a home — and recognize the freedom of choosing not to. For those who want to do well, but also do good for their community.”

Why Mansion?

Mansion Group provides its assets with consistent brand and experience standards that guests know and recognize.
High-Level Designs
All Mansion properties are programmed with high-end designs and amenities that serve the group-stay format and add something special to the stay.
In-House Furniture Brand
Mansion owns & operates Mansion | District, a luxury home furnishings brand, helping create a consistent experience for guests & tremendous value to investors with luxury quality furnishings at insider pricing.
Dependable Service
Mansion leverages its own AI powered proprietary booking, communication and operations management technology to be on call, whenever guests or investors need them.
Mansion Guests into Owners loyalty program of fractional real estate investing.
Turn Guests into Owners
Through Mansion invest, guests can check-in as travelers and check-out as owners. Buying or earning shares of Mansion homes that pay quarterly dividends plus potential for home price appreciation over time.

We are addressing a large & growing market opportunity.

Mansion is building a platform for guests and investors to experience & benefit from luxury group accommodations around the world.
Group travelers massively prefer homes.
As more travelers move to traveling in larger groups (4 or more people), alternative accommodations demand has grown from 7% considering Airbnb's to over 23% in 2022.
But group travel options are very limited.
Airbnb dominates the group stay market overall but there are still few accommodations that can support groups of 5 or more people comfortably.
“Corporate off-sites and retreats were the number one most requested property type.”
Tido Presenti
Former Head of Airbnb Global Real Estate
Mansion wants to lead the group travel space
Brands like Hilton established brand standards for hotels a century ago, but Groups still rely on customer reviews to conduct due diligence on their stays. Mansion will change that.
SFH at Scale
Brand Loyalty
We’ve built a better solution.
We believe Mansion has a better solution that brings hotel-like amenities, consistency, and loyalty to the growing vacation rental space.

Are you an Accredited Investor?

Learn more about the Mansion Accredited Investor Funds and the details of open opportunities.
DISCLOSURE 3 The data shown in the chart is for comparative purposes only. Past performance does not predict or guarantee future performance. The data represents a comparison between AirDNA monthly projected revenues, Zillow projected monthly rents, and Mansion Group actual monthly average revenues for the period between October 2021 - September 2022 (monthly average). These numbers were pulled for 3 portfolio properties owner by Mansion Collection Charlotte at the time and operated by Mansion Group. Full data comparison can be found in the Google Doc at the link here.